Citizenship Education

A View from the Top

"Each of these alternative ways of thinking about citizenship education represents differing views of what constitutes a good citizen, what that citizen needs to know and the roles of teachers and students in acquiring important knowledge" (Gibson, 2005).  



This week you have learned that Citizenship Education is generally considered to be at the heart of Social Studies.  To expand your understanding of citizenship education and the many ways to present citizenship concepts in the classroom, you will be participating in a simulation "challenge" that focuses on citizenship education.  

For today's challenge you will travel to Dodoma , Tanzania (in Africa) to share your expertise about seven points of view concerning how social studies should contribute to citizenship education.  


To prepare for your meeting you will be working in one of seven base teams, with each base team assigned to investigate one view point and prepare a brief to present to President Jakaya Kikwete and Tanzania's Minister of Education. Your team will have forty minutes to prepare this presentation brief. This challenge is much too complex to be done by one person in such a short amount of time; hence you must delegate work thoughtfully to all members of your team. During your opening meeting, choose base team roles (facilitator, recorder, time-keeper, supplies manager, quality controller...). Your team will adhere to the quality standard set with the class and will assess your work at the end of the challenge.      

 The following seven view points will be assigned:


     View #1: A Cultural Conservation Orientation

          View #2: A Disciplines Orientation 

           View #3: An Inquiry Orientation 

    View #4: A Cultural Transformation Orientation 

          View #5: A Personal Development Orientation

      View #6: A Respect for Diversity Orientation 

        View #7: A Global Orientation 


Here is Your Challenge:


Tunzania Minister of Education


DATE: September 21, 2006

TO: The Alberta Education Social Studies Team

FROM: Tanzania Department of Education


Dear Alberta Education Social Studies Team,

In accordance with President Jakaya Kikwete’s progressive vision for learning reform in our country, Tanzania 's Ministry of Education has created as special task force to explore the social studies reform occurring in forward-thinking countries such as Great Britain , Canada and Australia . As part of this initiative, we have been following the work done in Alberta over the past few years in the area of social studies reform and would like to enlist your expert help in developing a new social studies curriculum for the students of Tanzania, one that educates for effective citizenship.  

Realizing that there are many different views of good citizenship we would like to invite you to travel to our capital city of Dodoma in September to meet with President Jakaya Kikwete and his Minister of Education. During our meeting, we would ask that you share the seven viewpoints of how social studies curriculum should contribute to citizenship education and give your recommendations concerning how each view may contribute to a program of studies that educates for effective citizenship. We would ask that your presentation includes the following information:

  • a general description of this point of view

  • from this perspective, what it means to be a good citizen

  • what knowledge is most important for citizens to learn

  • how does a good citizen go about learning that knowledge

  • the role of the teacher

  • the role of the student

  • what the critics have to say about this view

  • create a visual symbol, logo or brand that you think represents this perspective

You will address your presentation to President Jakaya Kikwete and the Minister of Education and be prepared to answer questions from the gallery. 

We are honored to have you join us and share your expertise on this topic and wish your well as you travel to Dodoma.


Nape Nnauye

The Office of the Minister of Education, Tanzania



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Gibson, S.E. (2005). A Quest for Learning in Social Studies, 2nd ed. MA: Pearson Custom Publishing.