Hidden Stories

A Historical Narrative Project 


Digital Storytelling: A short, personal multimedia tale,  told from the heart.
~ Daniel Meadows

Storytelling provide us with an opportunity to bring history back to life. These historical narratives from the past are based on stories that have been forgotten or stories tucked away in the memories of people.

For this project you will take on the role of sleuth by uncovering and retelling an amazing story (by talking with people who lived during a historical event or by reading accounts of these happenings in personal diaries, journals autobiographies, biographies and other text). You will bring this story back to life by using Digital Storytelling, a multi-media tool. You will learn how this form of digital expression combines the stories with images and sound to produce a digital story that transports the viewer into the shoes of real and imaginary people from the past.  Equipped with this understanding you will embark on creating your own digital story based on a historical narratives and information from the past. 

The digital stories that you create will be posted in a student gallery for all to see and enjoy. If you would like to join this project, contact the project coordinator, Brenda Dyck.

Created by:

 Brenda Dyck 


Image from:

 The Lincoln County Library District Web Site